MEP Engineering Services, redefined!

We at Mazari have a unique combination of knowledge and experience – supported by a proven and wide-ranging services portfolio – we have the capability to deliver significant cost benefits and support for all business-critical components and processes.

Mechanical Services Company in Dubai

We are specialized in providing complete mechanical services for the residential and commercial sector. We are known as a highly reliable contractor for mechanical services which include, valve services, pump services and other rotating and electric equipment services, on-site machining & bolting services, in-shop machining services, heat treatment services, piping services and other generic mechanical services to support you in your day-to-day business.

We offer a range of solutions and services with a key focus on integration. Our integrated solutions deliver economies of scale, the flexibility of response and innovation in thinking. They minimize process interruptions and downtime. They cut the number of suppliers you need, with all the associated administrative workload. And they lead to safer working practices and environments.


Our Service Areas

At Mazari UAE, we offer a complete range of professionally managed solutions. We are proudly serving both high-rise and low-rise commercial and residential complexes. We can get you covered from design and consulting for custom mechanicals to maintenance and installation for mechanical rooms. 

You can contact us for high-efficiency boiler upgrades to meet your heating needs in residential and commercial buildings. You can hire us for energy management to control the air quality and curb the indoor temperature. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, we also ensure the superior performance of your in-house mechanical equipment with energy efficiency audits. 

Our Specialized Services 

You will need many services to ensure the proper upkeep of your mechanical systems in your building. We have certified and licensed technicians to provide professionalism. They are well versed in handling water heating, plumbing, gas, and air conditioning. They comply with OEM recommendations for mechanical maintenance and installation. Our technicians are excelled in the following services – 

  • Build, Design, and Installation 
  • Energy Efficiency Audit 
  • Testing 
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Backflow Testing 

We are one of the trusted and reliable mechanical service providers in UAE for residential and commercial applications. 

Preventive Maintenance 

To improve efficiency and reduce downtime, we provide tailored programs to prevent further problems in the future. We inspect all your mechanical systems 2-3 times a year to keep them up and running. 

Round-the-clock Service 

Along with 24×7 availability, our in-house team of mechanical experts can keep your system up and running at peak efficiency. We ensure long-term relationships with our clients and staff. Our knowledgeable and trusted team can take care of your system. We are backed by several years of industry experience to deliver the top level of services. We are our clients’ first choice for outstanding performance, responsive service, and a strong commitment to ensuring long-term relationships.  

Partner with us for best results 

All our engineers are specialized in diverse clients and projects. All of them are part of our core team to lead our projects. This is the reason why they can handle different types of tasks and have a strong knowledge base. They know what they do. They always come with flexible solutions for our clientele. Hence, our team always balances out cost-efficiency and performance. They work with you to design excellent systems with right alternatives and assessments.