The plumbing and sanitary system is an essential part of every house or building. Proper planning and designing of plumbing system is crucial as it takes care of the hygiene requirements of the occupants. It has been reported that about 8 per cent of the construction cost of a building is marked for plumbing and sanitary work. Mazari Uae a plumber’s job role consists of installation, repair, maintenance and servicing of plumbing fittings and fixtures. Besides having a thorough understanding of the mechanisms required for performing various tasks, a plumber should be laborious, have effective communication skills and be a result-oriented worker with a positive attitude.

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As you may be aware, water is supplied to a house or a building from storage tanks through pipes. Similarly, the waste water from kitchen and washrooms is drained out with the help of pipes. Any building, be it a residential, commercial or industrial, cannot function properly without having plumbing and sanitary arrangements in place. It is, therefore, important to have regular and adequate water supply and a proper system for the disposal of waste water. Plumbing cycle refers to a mechanism through which water is taken from a source, then supplied to the users, and finally waste water is collected and recycled to the source after proper treatment. Plumbing and pipe-fittings play a major role in the construction of all types of buildings. An efficient plumbing work keeps the atmosphere free from bad smell and ensures better sanitation.

Plumbing services in Dubai, The skill and art that is needed to transport water from the source to the users, then to the treatment plants, and finally supplying the treated water to the users through a distribution system is known as plumbing. It is a system of pipes and fittings that carry water.

Reasons You Should Rely on Professional Plumbers

  1. Efficiency Don’t take plumbing issues for granted. Don’t try to fix them on your own. Clogged drains, sink overflow, and other issues can be the sign of a major issue. If you ignore these issues for now, water damage can easily enter your rooms and lead to further problems like humidity, slippery floors etc. Sink overflow, burst pipes, etc. are some of the major causes that can be fixed by plumbers. 
  2. Experience Our plumbers know how to fix plumbing fixtures and systems in residential properties. They can install and fix all important tools like sinks, faucets, water heater etc. They know how to fix some parts for major or minor repairs. 
  3. Save Money Since they have vast skills and knowledge in plumbing works, they can repair all the plumbing fixtures and save you from further expenses on replacement. They will make it clear whether you have to replace a faucet or a small valve. They have all the resources to get the job done. They will suggest when you have to replace the fixtures and existing condition. 
  4. Maintenance These experts will always come up with the right advice about maintenance of your plumbing systems. You may ask when and how often you need to replace fixtures to avoid major problems. 

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Notes Sanitary work refers to carrying the waste water to the waste disposal system (sewerage system) through plumbing fixtures. The plumbing installation is governed by the regulations and rules adopted by the concerned municipal corporations or committees of different States and Union Territories. Plumbing and sanitation work thus plays an important role in the construction of a building. A plumbing system consists of pipe fittings and appliances used for water supply and drainage. The plumbing system includes:

• Water supply, galvanised iron (or plastic) pipes and fixtures;

• Soil pipes and fixtures;

• Sanitary drainage system; and

• Rainwater drainage system.

For an efficient plumbing system, it is important that standard plumbing and sanitary material, as per the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), are used. It is also important that quality workmanship, practical checks and supervision are ensured during plumbing and sanitary work. It helps in getting the best out of the skilled and unskilled labour. Before starting the work, the plumber must keep the following points into consideration.

1. Water supply system: sources of clean and potable water

2. Plumbing fixtures and pipes: knowledge about different requirements and specifications

3. Sanitary and drainage system: knowledge about sewerage system

4. Rainwater drainage system

5. Plumbing drawing and their uses: role of plumbing drawing.