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Mazari Technical Works uses the latest technology and an intelligently tailored approach to design, we install heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that maximize energy efficiency and climate control. We provide a complete HVAC installation service, including new builds and refurbishments, with a flexible approach allowing each specialty to be carried out individually or as part of a complete mechanical and electrical installation package.

Best Air Conditioning and Ventilation Services in Dubai

Our range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning installation services include commercial central heating systems, boiler, furnace and heat pump installations, forced air heating systems, mechanical ventilation and ducting, air conditioning systems, climate control modifications, design, drawings and consultation service, new build and refurbishment projects.

We have established high-quality, safety and environmental policies, and our electricians, engineers, and mechanical specialists deliver exceptional results every time with a mindset that is always positive, pro-active and ready to solve any given challenge for the highest customer service experience.


Why Do You Need AC Cleaning Services Every 2 Months? 

  • Better Air Quality – According to the studies, you can prevent all air pollutants like dust mites, mould, and bacterial buildup in your home with proper AC cleaning. Carpets and rugs in your house are the breeding ground for the dust and germs that pass into our body through air and cause fever and allergies. Getting your AC repaired and regular upkeep can keep the air filters clean. 
  • Avoid common issuesYour AC runs constantly in the summers and it also suffers breakdown without proper maintenance. Even though you don’t use your AC, it is also vulnerable to problems related to wear and tear. You should take care of your AC unit regularly to avoid further issues. 
  • Save Energy and Energy Bill Proper running and maintenance of your AC can keep it running smoothly and save on your utility bills. Your AC unit does all the hard work in hot summers to keep your home cool and indoor air pleasant. So, it deserves proper care and attention. 
  • Improve AC’s Lifespan – Even simple fixes like gas checking, cleaning up AC coil, and filter cleaning can improve the overall shelf-life of your AC. Deep clean your AC to detect all the minor or major issues that can affect the lifespan. Wear and tear, rust, corrosion, etc. can easily be fixed by our experts.

What Do We Offer? 

  • Installation We can install split and central AC for residential and commercial properties. We can install AC in all types of low-rise to high rise homes and apartment units. From gas pressure check to coiling, our experts can handle pretty much everything, as per the standards prescribed by OEMs. We can help you in AC installation in a new home and save you from calling service centers. 
  • Uninstallation If you want to move your office or home, uninstallation and installation of AC units is one of the biggest headaches. But you no longer have to worry because our experts can uninstall the AC unit from your home and install the same in your new location. They inspect every part of your AC before installation. They can fix it and get it ready before installing it.  
  • Deep Cleaning Our technicians will handle all your needs to deep clean your AC units. We can take care of AC coil cleanup, AC duct cleanup, and AC filter cleaning. We can clean up and wash the filter and drain pipes as well as the outer panel. We have powerful jet pumps to get these things done to avoid spills of dirty water.