MEP Engineering Services, redefined!

When it comes to complete fire alarm systems, we thrive on technology, innovation and doing things the right way. Mazari Technical Works offers fire safety engineering and prevention systems such as firefighter, fire extinguisher, firefighting equipment and other related fire services.

Advanced Fire Alarm Systems Services in Dubai

We also provide fire detection systems, emergency lighting, firefighting pumps, fire safety devices, fire and safety designs, firefighting layouts, fire alarm layout, emergency and exit lighting layouts, gas extinguishing systems and radio fire alarm systems.

Our services also include design, drawings, sourcing, and supply of equipment, testing and commissioning, and obtaining necessary approvals from various government departments and local authorities. We offer complete Fire & Safety solutions for commercial buildings and also residential properties. Not just the design and installation but we take up annual maintenance contracts.


Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

Annual Maintenance Contracts are one of our main activities. We have an experienced and qualified team of technicians and engineers to support AMC of your specified capability and capacity. We provide this service on call as per Dubai Civil Defense standards.

Fire Alarms 

With complete knowledge of NFPA specification, we design fire alarm systems for residential and commercial buildings and organizations. We prepare Fire Alarms strictly according to Dubai Civil Defense standards.  

Fire Fighting System 

At Mazari Technical Works, we specialize in designing and installation of sump/roof tanks, pump sets, fire sprinklers, pipe works, hose reels, and hydrants for providing a complete fire fighting system. We design fire hose reels which are connected directly with a water supply and have a hose guide, on/off valve and hose with a nozzle.

The operator can easily change the flow of water with a control nozzle at the tip of a hose. We seek approval of materials, drawing, and installation from Dubai Civil Defense to start the procedure.  

Fire Extinguishers 

Fire extinguishers, like any other equipment, also need proper upkeep so that it can help in desperate situations. We comply with Civil Defense guidelines and NFPA specifications for refilling and servicing of fire extinguishers. The maintenance process includes Painting, Servicing, Powder Coating, and Sand Blasting of the capsule shell. We also replace the discharge line and valve, as needed.

Fire Extinguisher Certification 

This process ensures that the fire extinguisher is up-to-date and can fight the fire on your premises. It also certifies technical aspects of the fire extinguisher, including the material used to extinguish the fire, pressure, etc. It is also a mandatory procedure.

Fire Sprinklers 

Enhance the safety of your premises and security of lives by installing automatic fire sprinklers. We provide fire sprinklers designed as per codes 13 and 25 by NFPA, complying with Dubai Civil Defense.

  • Fire Pumps – These are the essential components of fire sprinklers. It is either connected to a stationary source of water like a reservoir, tank, lake, etc. or an underground water supply pipeline. The pressure of water is usually high to control fire. 
  • Jockey Pump – This little pump is designed to maintain water pressure in the piping system to a high level as it is connected to fire sprinklers. When the automatic controller of the fire pump detects a fire, it starts the fire pump. We follow the rules and regulations of civil defence for testing and installation of fire pumps.